Mysterious John Doe ID’d 11 years after discovery of only his severed legs north of Butte

On June 26, 2012, a father and son were out hiking when they came across a plastic bag on the Moulton Reservoir Road. Inside were a pair of human legs, with pants, socks and boots intact.

The gruesome discovery left so many unanswered questions, particularly who was the victim and were there any other body parts found nearby?

More than 11 years later, no other remains of the individual have ever been located but the man’s identity has been solved.

A 2007 file photo of Michael Wayne Canada.

Courtesy photo

The victim, Michael Wayne Canada, was 46 at the time of his death, and believed to be somewhat of a drifter. When he was murdered, he was wearing jeans and Red Wing hiking boots.

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Butte-Silver Bow County Sheriff Ed Lester made the announcement in a media release late Monday afternoon.

During the initial investigation, Butte police detectives determined that the victim was a white male and more than likely was killed at another location and

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