My Top 10 Montana Stories for 2021 Based on Local Views

Here’s my top 10 Montana stories for 2021. These are based off of your local pageviews here in Montana.

A devastating fire swept through Denton, Montana. Here’s the photo of the grain elevators that were destroyed along with several homes. Read More: Sheriff’s Photo Shows Devastating Fire in Denton, Montana |

Nicholas Wade is the former New York Times science editor, who spent 30 years at the Times alone, and has been writing about science for close to 50 years. Read what Montana Public Service Commissioner Tony O’Donnell also had to say about Fauci. Read More: Explosive Piece by Former NYT Editor Points Finger at Fauci |

The “Afghan visitor” who authorities reported has been arrested for allegedly raping a young woman in Missoula was placed in the state by the US State Department. Read More: BREAKING: Missoula Rape Suspect is an Afghan “Parolee”                                                                                                                   

If you vote in support of these bills, “my friends and

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