My personal remembrances of Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

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As former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is laid to rest Saturday, I know he will be remembered with fondness and gratitude by many in Canada, as well as around the world. And while he is best known domestically and internationally for his leadership and public service, I wanted to share a personal side of this very public figure whom I had the great privilege of knowing.

My grandfather was Canadian, which is why, perhaps, when I first had the pleasure of meeting Prime Minister Mulroney over the phone, it was extra special. His deep, rich, soothing voice could have sold anything, yet not in a slick salesman type way. His tone was confident, warm and made you believe anything he said. 

President Ronald Reagan lifts his glass in a toast with Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney during a state dinner in Ottawa, Canada, on April 5, 1987. (Ronald Reagan Library/Getty Images)

I remember fondly the first time he called the Office of Ronald Reagan – I was new in my role as the executive assistant to President Reagan and was told that Prime Minister Mulroney was on the line for my

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