Mulvaney details his Jan. 6 testimony

Mick Mulvaney, the former acting chief of staff from the Trump administration, said Friday that his interview this week with the House committee probing the Jan. 6 insurrection focused on day-to-day operations in the Trump White House as well as Mulvaney’s own communications surrounding the 2020 election and the Capitol riot.

Mulvaney said the panel’s makeup — it is comprised of seven Democrats and two Republicans, all of whom were appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — makes its structure “politically biased.” But he insisted that the information the committee has obtained, mostly from Republicans, has been “good and sound.”

“There was no other side. They were all questions by the committee, designed to try and find out stuff that might make President Trump look bad. No one there asking the other side of the questions that might make President Trump look good, but that’s fine,” Mulvaney told CNN’s “New Day” morning show.

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