Moving Forward

Independents are now America’s largest group of voters. 

After George Bush’s presidency, fewer people called themselves Republicans. After Obama’s, fewer called themselves Democrats. 

How will these independents vote? 

Andrew Yang hopes they’ll vote for him. 

In my latest video, the former Democrat explains why he’s started a new party, the Forward Party. 

“Our country is polarized and getting worse all the time … seeing each other as mortal enemies … I’m committed to doing everything I can to help change it.” 

He’s written a book about that, “Forward.” 

Compared with most politicians, Yang is refreshing. He opposes censoring people for what they say. “Saturday Night Live” fired a comedian after he called Yang a “Jew Chink.” Yang tells me, “I didn’t think that was right … he’s a comedian. It’s his job to push boundaries.” 

Yang says other things presidential candidates don’t say, like: “Running for president requires traits that make you a terrible leader. You make false promises (and) regularly claim powers you do not have.” 

He cites worker retraining as an example. Governments keep funding expensive job training – the federal government alone has 43 retraining programs, but they almost never work. Many promise computer-coding jobs, but Yang points out, “If you actually go to

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