Movie review: Titanic


Brent Northup

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Well, let’s sink into our chairs, grab hold of our raft (if Rose will share) and take one more journey on the ship of dreams that “not even God could sink.”

On the 25th anniversary of James Cameron’s Oscar-winning float trip Paramount and Twentieth Century Fox chose Valentine’s to invite romantics to watch 1,500 people drown.

We accepted the invitation. “Titanic” has earned $48 million internationally in its first week of re-release.

Yes, it’s the same film you saw in 1997, although Cameron says he updated the visuals with technical tricks he learned on “Avatar.” No, Rose doesn’t share the raft in a director’s cut.

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In honor of the revival, I’ve picked out my three scenes that a night out at the Cinemark.

1. “I’m flying”

Go ahead, do it. Stand on your tiptoes, close your eyes, spread your arms as wide as an eagle in full flight. Now open your eyes and say, “I’m flying.” Cue the theme song.

Rose and Jack

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