Motives Behind Illegal Immigration

It can be difficult to establish the motives of government leaders, unless they are told to us outright, or unless a pattern of behavior allows us to draw conclusions consistent with that behavior.

The wave of migrants illegally crossing America’s southern border and the Biden administration’s refusal to do what is necessary to stop them (as in build the wall), was first defended as a humanitarian effort to help people who were fleeing from dictatorships and violence in their home countries. Most traveled from Mexico, Central America and increasingly South America, but more recently from scores of countries as far away as China and Africa.

American compassion was on display as volunteers went to the border to assist with housing, food, and transportation to cities around the country. Soon the flow became uncontrollable. The Biden administration has consistently and erroneously claimed the border is closed and under control, while video shows otherwise. State and city leaders who had declared “sanctuary cities” and “sanctuary states” for migrants are now pleading for federal help as many – especially in New York City and the state – are running out of space and money to care for them.

Roughly 100,000 migrants have come to New

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