Morning Glory: What’s in the ‘border security’ bill?

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The ongoing negotiations over a border security bill continue. Almost daily the public is promised the text of the draft bill any day now. 

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, I-Ariz., lambasted critics of the bill as it has leaked out detail by detail. 

“The stories that are swirling about what this does and doesn’t do are wrong,” Sinema argued Wednesday. “It is misinformation, and whether it is willful or not is someone else’s question to answer, but the rumors that are swirling about what this legislation does are wrong.” 


Dec. 5, 2023: Migrants flee through a gap being repaired in the border wall in Lukeville, Arizona. (Fox News)

I don’t know how speculation about an unreleased bill can be “misinformation,” as there is no measure against which any particular allegation can be measured. 

Why don’t we know anything about the wall and the bill? And if the wall isn’t in the bill, why not?

But in all of the stories about the negotiations, there has been no talk of the 900-mile wall, which is the necessary if not sufficient requirement for any border security bill to pass. More than half the country

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