Morning Glory: New border bill fiasco certain to hurt Biden’s already plummeting numbers

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COVID kept then-candidate Joe Biden in his basement for the 2020 campaign, and keeping the former vice president mostly out of sight worked. It appears the increasingly infirm incumbent is going with a replay of the 2020 campaign.

It won’t work.

Gallup tells us, in polling conducted January 2 through 22, that fewer than four in 10 U.S. registered voters say President Joe Biden deserves to be reelected. Only 38 percent of voters who say Biden deserves a second term, which is slightly lower than the 41 percent of Americans who approve of the job he is doing in the same survey. In short, the president’s numbers probably can’t go any lower. He has hit bottom and will bounce along there until November.

Sunday’s NBC poll had woeful numbers for Biden. Only 23 percent thought Biden had greater physical and mental capacity to do the job than former President Trump. That’s the sound of the bell tolling.

The new “border bill” isn’t going to turn things around for Biden. It’s awful. It doesn’t build the wall, and it proposes—really—$1.3 billion in ankle bracelets for migrants entering the country illegally. It was a diversion that didn’t and

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