Morning Glory: National security is the GOP’s issue and ‘peace through strength’ must prevail

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The draft border deal never had a prayer because Republican voters favor construction of The Wall by more than 90 percent. To try and push a bill that does not deliver the pronounced policy priority of the party base was doomed. 

That position was widely known and broadcast before former President Donald Trump weighed in against the bill. Trump may have delivered the coup de grâce, but a bill without 900 miles of The Wall never had a chance —as the attempts at comprehensive border legislation never had a chance in 2013 and 2007. What a party’s base holds dear has to be respected. Period.

Which brings us to the national security package that will continue on through the Congress, shorn of the border provisions, beginning in the Senate where it is likely to pass and be sent forward to the House, where it’s fate is less certain —though it should pass with a large bipartisan majority.

The Supplemental is expected to include a generous amount of military aid for Ukraine Pew Research reports that 48% of Republicans believe that too much aid is going to Ukraine. 33% of Republicans respond “not enough” or “just

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