More North Dakota baseball players who set records in the major leagues

Last week, I focused on three major league record holders during the first decade of the 20th century who also played baseball in North Dakota. All three — Roy Patterson, Deacon Phillippe and Bob Unglaub — had also been star baseball players for the Millers.

The second event was the lifting of the ban in 1946 that prohibited African Americans from playing for MLB teams or any of their affiliated minor league teams. To my knowledge, there was never any formal prohibition of Black people from playing baseball in North Dakota, and since a ban was in place for organized professional teams, many of the best Black players were recruited to play for teams in this state.

Soon after the color barrier was lifted, a number of these players were signed to major league contracts. Two of the best were Satchel Paige and Quincy Trouppe, both of whom had played for multiple years on North Dakota teams.

More age-related records than any other MLB player

Satchel Paige as seen in 1948. Acme Newspictures / Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

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