More global confidence in Biden than Trump even as views of US democracy decline, poll finds

People in 34 countries around the world have more confidence in President Joe Biden than his challenger in November’s election, former President Donald Trump, even as there is increased skepticism that United States democracy provides a good model for the rest of the world to follow, according to a poll from the Pew Research Center released Tuesday.

The poll found a median of 43% in the surveyed countries say they trust Biden to do the right thing in world affairs compared to 28% for Trump. People had a more positive assessment of Biden than Trump in 24 countries, while Trump led in Hungary and Tunisia and the two men were effectively tied in eight other countries.

The greater confidence in Biden comes as faith in U.S. democracy is waning. While a median of 54% in the 34 countries polled have positive views of the U.S., a median of 4 in 10 across the surveyed nations told the pollsters that its democracy used to be a good example for other countries to follow but no longer is.

A median of 21% said U.S. democracy remains a good example for other nations, while an almost identical share, 22%, said it never has been. Since the

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