More Climate Fiction

It’s been a good summer for climate activists who are pushing the false narrative of “climate change.”

We had the Canadian wildfires with smoke drifting into other parts of North America. Then there were hotter than usual temperatures in many parts of the country (it’s summertime and I predict temperatures will drop this fall, winter and spring, as usual), followed by a devastating fire in Maui, and then Hurricane Idalia.

Never mind that the fires in Canada might have been prevented if environmentalists had not opposed clearing underbrush and removing old trees. The same goes for Maui, along with better management of the fire when it first broke out.

President Joe Biden added to this fictional summer storyline by embellishing an often-told story about a fire at his Delaware home. We’ve heard several versions, the latest being firefighters “ran into flames” to rescue his wife and the house “almost collapsed.” Previous stories put his 1967 Corvette and cat at risk after a lightning strike.

Much of the media are hauling out one of their favorite words – “unprecedented” – to describe the force and destructive power of Idalia, which is not true. Hurricanes happen during the summer and early fall and some of

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