Moose on the loose near Margaret Leary Elementary results in brief lockdown

A moose and her calf kept school personnel at Margaret Leary Elementary on their toes Thursday morning. The animals’ presence in a nearby field led to the school going on an internal lockdown for a brief time.

Some teachers first noticed the mother and her offspring roaming in a nearby field at morning recess. To err on the side of caution, recess was cut short and the school resource officer was called. The officer contacted Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, which recommended the lockdown until the animals left the area.

Principal Jennifer Luoma said the school followed protocol, and the lockdown lasted only about five minutes. The pair never got too close to the school playground.

A cow moose and two calves were photographed last month along the Skalkaho Road. 

Carly Moodry, Special to The Montana Standard

According to the National Park Service, “Cow moose are particularly defensive of their newly born calves” and “it is best to give them lots of space.” It notes that moose will normally stay clear of people, but they can become aggressive — particularly when protecting

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