Montel Williams: Trump 'Dangerously Unfit'

Former television talk show host Montel Williams blasted Donald Trump, saying the president is “dangerously unfit.”

Williams made his comments in a column posted by USA Today on Wednesday.

“Largely as the result of President Donald Trump’s behavior over the past month, it’s hard not to wonder whether we’ve reached a place where nothing matters,” he said. “A few weeks ago, after the tweets about ‘the Squad’ and before the suspected domestic terrorist attacks in El Paso, Texas, and Gilroy, California, I wrote racism is a powerful drug that, in combination with single-issue voting, has led to this moment we’re in.

“Since then, the president seems to have gone off a narcissistic cliff. 

“With America facing a rising tide of white nationalism and a world on fire, we have a leader who is dangerously unfit, makes everything about him and takes advice on war and peace from cable news hosts.”

Williams, a former Republican, said the U.S. form of government relies “on the basic assumption that our elected leaders will put country over party when it matters the most.”

He accused Republicans of “covering for Trump’s incompetence.”

And Williams added: “Because of my former party’s intransigence, we are likely stuck with an inept, emotionally unstable president until the next election in 2020.”

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