Montana’s Trail to the Stars embraces the state’s darkness

Jake Iverson

When was the last time you looked at the stars? Not as an ancillary thing, but as the main attraction. Just gazing heavenward and wondering, letting your eyes adjust to the darkness until you start to pick out the small details, like the way the Milky Way just glows, or the crispness of the constellations.

It’s been a while, right? So much of childhood is spent looking up, but adulthood is all looking forward. No time to gawk.

That’s what Montana’s Trail to the Stars is trying to fix. It’s a list of places, 43 in all, that are accessible places to find dark skies throughout Montana. It lists the spots, as well as what amenities are available there, be they camping, public bathrooms, power hookups and the like. The list and an interactive map are at The website also has viewing tips, a list of related programs and more. 

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