Montana's largest wind farm underway near Miles City

ANGELA — On a recent winter afternoon the wind on this Eastern Montana plain was rising slowly like a tide, the cool dense air rolling in to replace what’s been warmed by daylight.

At first, the change is barely noticeable, but then the 210-foot blades of the Clearwater Wind Project start to turn. Though the blades have been feathered to catch none of what this chilly air has to offer, they turn nonetheless.

The setting is perfect for what will be Montana’s largest windfarm, said Jess Melin. A Livingston guy, Melin is executive director of renewable development for NextEra Energy Resources.

The company brands itself as the world’s largest generator of renewable energy from wind and solar. This 750-megawatt giant is NextEra’s first Montana project. Melin seems to preface all his observations about Eastern Montana with “I’m a little biased.”

NextEra Energy Resources is building a 750 megawatt wind farm between Miles City and Jordan. About 200 workers are on site.

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