Montana Will Be a Sanctuary for Gun Rights, Not Illegal Aliens

If you’re looking for sanctuary- Montana will be a sanctuary for your gun rights, but not for illegal aliens.

Thanks to the Republican-controlled Montana Legislature and Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) a bill banning sanctuary cities has now been signed into law. Gianforte joined us on Thursday’s “Montana Talks with Aaron Flint.”

Here’s part of the transcript of our chat with Governor Gianforte:

GIANFORTE: Well Aaron, we’re a nation of laws and that includes our immigration laws and they need to be enforced here in Montana. These sanctuary policies violate federal law and they endanger public safety and yesterday working in conjunction with the legislature we sent a very clear message to criminals illegal aliens like drug dealers and human traffickers that they’re not going to have any sanctuary here in Montana.

Gianforte said the legislation was really needed right now due to the Biden Administration’s failures on our southern border. As recently as two weeks ago, the Biden Administration was reportedly considering sending planeloads of illegal aliens to Montana.

GIANFORTE: Well I think it’s gonna be more and more difficult for the Biden Administration because they’re just letting people flood across the border, and they’re just running out of room. I’m on a weekly call with governors

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