Montana WILD hosts last bat walk of the summer

Megan Michelotti

There was no bat signal in the sky, but people still knew where to go.

In late August, Montana WILD hosted its final bat walk of the summer in its back lawn at Spring Meadow Lake State Park. The event was free to the public and about 30 people attended.

“I saw a ton (of bats),” said Jeffrey King, a boy in attendance. “Also bats are my favorite animal, and black is my favorite color. I’m not scared of bats because I know a lot of things about bats.”

King noted how Batman is his favorite superhero.

Matt Bell uses an iPad to show the soundwaves made by bats using echolocation to feed at Spring Meadow Lake.

THOM BRIDGE, Independent Record

Local bat expert Matt Bell, who works for Montana Land Reliance as the GIS coordinator/land steward, presented on bats before he led the bat walk.

The bat activity wasn’t as prominent as on earlier bat walks because near September, bat activity starts to drop as 12 species of bats hibernate and three species of bats leave Montana for

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