Montana Wants to Garden Indoors, According to 2021 Trends

We’re only a couple of weeks into Winter and for those of us who aren’t big fans of arctic cold, frigid wind, and long, dark nights, this time of year can honestly be a little depressing. For many Montanans, this is the time of year we start planning for springtime gardening. Browsing online seed catalogs and penciling out your garden plot can be beneficial for fighting off the winter doldrums, as we dream about sunshine and greenery. However, you don’t have to wait till the last frost of Spring to get started.

Photo by Scott Webb on UnsplashIndoor gardening was the most-searched 2021 trend in Montana.

The tulip bulb company Breck’s analyzed Google Trends search data across 38 different gardening categories to determine the most popular gardening trends around the US. In Montana, we’re searching for Indoor Gardening.

Image courtesy Breck’s, used with permissionThe study didn’t clarify exactly what we’d like to be growing indoors.

When the pandemic first hit the United States, tons of people decided they wanted to garden. Concerns about food scarcity, a desire to become more self-dependent, and tons of extra time while “working from home” led many to pursue gardening for the first time. Our short growing season can be challenging and it makes sense that Montanan’s are

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