Montana Story: Painful family memories resurface in Montana’s Paradise Valley


Brent Northup

Montana Story

At the Cinemark

A million dollar Montana businessman, whose country home enjoyed a million dollar view of Montana’s Paradise Valley, is dying.

His ranch, buried in unforgiving debts, will likely be sold by his heirs.

The patriarch’s bitter daughter, Erin, estranged from her abusive dad, comes home for the last time, more to see her frail 25-year-old horse, than to say goodbye to her father.

A dark part of Erin seems ready to celebrate her father’s death as overdue justice.

“Montana Story” has been described by some critics as a eulogy both to the American West and to the American Western.

Into the midst of this close-up of family pain comes a gangly source of hope: Cal, the insecure son who was too weak to stand up to his father, even as his dad traumatized his sister. Cal’s paralysis fractured his friendship with his sister, who saw her brother’s cowardice as just as unforgivable as her father’s abuse.

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