Montana Rated Worst in US for Lack of Cyberbullying Legislation

The financial website Wallet Hub released a study on Monday about the states with the biggest problems with bullying, and Montana was rated overall as the 7th worst state in the U.S., and worst when it comes to state laws against cyberbullying.

KGVO spoke with analyst Jill Gonzalez about the study and Montana’s troubling ranking, especially the lack of anti-bullying laws on the books.

“Unfortunately, this is a ranking where you don’t want to be closer to the top,” said Gonzalez. “Montana finds itself as seventh worst in terms of its bullying problems right now, specifically when it comes to things like anti-bullying laws, and the lack thereof in Montana. So that’s what could use the most help. The state needs to see more anti-bullying laws and policies, especially regarding things like cyberbullying or on-property bullying.”

Gonzalez tied poverty to a rise in bullying.

“We’re also seeing things like poverty come into the equation,” she said. “Usually the more poverty-stricken someone is, the more they’re likely to run into bullying. They’re also likely to experience poverty more, so it’s kind of a double-edged sword. The same can be said with academic failure, so that’s why we want to hopefully curb a lot of these

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