Montana Man Guilty of Illegally Baiting and Killing Black Bears

Did you know it is unlawful to hunt black bears over bait in Montana? Yeah, we suspect this guy did, too.

And while those charges would sufficiently disgust most Montana hunters, a Sanders County man managed to take it even further before a lengthy investigation led to guilty pleas on multiple counts of illegal game hunting. Yes, the fines and hunting ban sanctions are pretty serious. But we acknowledge that lots of you think they should be even more severe.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks reports that Alfred (Toby) Bridges of Sanders County pleaded guilty to nine misdemeanor hunting violations, including the unlawful hunting of black bears over bait and unlawfully killing an elk out of season. FWP game wardens and other officials conducted a year-long investigation into these illegal activities.

Mr. Bridges admitted to the unlawful hunting of black bears over bait, using a variety of human foods to attract bears into his hunting area. He pleaded guilty to two counts of killing black bears over bait and two counts of unlawful possession of those two black bears. But the case against Bridges grew from there.

As Montana FWP authorities started peeling away more layers during their investigation, they also discovered improprieties involving

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