Montana ICU occupancy surpasses Nov. 2020 COVID peak


On Monday, Montana surpassed 11,000 active COVID cases, adding 5,948 new cases in the last week and 57 new hospitalizations. In the last seven days, 86 residents died from COVID-19.

Over the last week, Montana has averaged 109.3 COVID patients hospitalized in the ICU per day, eclipsing the peak in Nov. 2020 of 94.3 COVID patients in the ICU.

As of Sept. 26, 82% of the state’s ICU beds were filled with 109 COVID patients and 79 non-COVID patients. Hospitals may not be well positioned to absorb a wave of new COVID infections without substantial surge capacity, according to COVID Act Now.

From July 25 to Sept. 25, COVID hospitalizations have increased 456%, another unprecedented increase in Montana’s COVID surges.

From Aug. 13, 2021 to Sept. 26, deaths have increased 818%, according to data from COVID Act Now. The last time the state saw a similar increase was from Aug. 24, 2020 to Nov. 18, 2020 which spanned over 55 days.

In Yellowstone County, 129 people are hospitalized with COVID-19. Of those, 111 are unvaccinated. Between the two hospitals, 30 patients are in the ICU and 20 are on ventilators. Of those, all are unvaccinated.

The Montana Department of Health and Human Services

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