Montana Governor Reduces ‘Barriers’ to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

A new directive by Governor Greg Gianforte will temporarily waive restrictions for registered pharmacists, allowing them to supervise more pharmacy techs who administer the COVID-19 vaccine, according to a press release.

Executive Order 2-2021 is a directive from the Governor that will remain in effect through the end of Montana’s state of emergency, and authorizes pharmacists to use licensed health care providers from any state to “administer vaccines under his or her scope of practice, to assist in the administration of COVID-19 vaccines.”

Governor Gianforte said he hopes this directive will make it easier for Montana pharmacies to administer the COVID-19 vaccinations more efficiently to residents of the Treasure State.

As we expand vaccine eligibility to all Montanans on April 1, we’re focused on reducing barriers Montanans face to get the vaccine and increasing access to it. -Greg Gianforte, Governor of Montana

As of 9pm on Tuesday, March 30, there are 186,542 Montanans that have been fully immunized, and over 476,000 doses administered throughout the states. In Yellowstone County, more than 27,000 have been fully immunized, and almost 68,000 doses administered, according to the Center for Disease Control vaccine dashboard.

To read Governor Gianforte’s directive to reduce barriers to administer COVID-19 vaccine, CLICK HERE.

Governor Gianforte

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