Montana Farmers & Ranchers, Let’s Talk About Autonomous Tractors

The autonomous industry is coming at us at record speed.

The auto industry is leading the way with cars and trucks as we’ve discussed a lot here in Montana. The delivery industry is not far behind with drones and home deliveries soon to be done without drivers. I would imagine the last industry to embrace the technology will be the airline industry for obvious reasons.

If you listened to the show this morning we discussed the latest advancement in the agricultural industry: John Deere has released a video and info on their new John Deere  8R tractor, an autonomous tractor. It will be available at the end of the year.

Farmers are quick to embrace technology because of cost savings. Labor is a big one but even more important will be timing and the ability to get the work done quickly and efficiently, non-stop.

Now keep in mind that only God himself will probably be able to afford it, but it will work for the largest of the large farms. Everything on it can be run with your phone which frees up the operator for other things.

Imagine being able to keep a tractor running 24 hours a day — amazing. This technology will, I’m sure, eventually be incorporated in

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