Montana Doctor – ‘We Are Experiencing a Public Health Crisis’

During his second COVID 19 press conference in one week, Governor Steve Bullock introduced Dr. Bridget Brennan, Chief Medical Officer with Benefis Health Services in Great Falls, who made a dramatic announcement.

“I’ll put this very simply, we are experiencing a public health crisis,” said Dr. Brennan. “The number of positive COVID cases is rising so quickly that it is threatening to overwhelm the health care resources here in the state. Over the last several months, we have watched other parts of the country deal with overwhelming numbers of COVID positive patients until just recently, the state of Montana really hasn’t had that many patients compared to other parts of the country leading many to believe that this really wasn’t such a big deal.”

Brennan continued in that vein.

“Over the last couple of weeks, you’ve all heard about our area hospitals reaching or exceeding their capacity,” she said. “At Benefis Health System, we began to see an increase not only in the number of hospitalized patients from Great Falls and our usual region, but we were also seeing an increase in the number of patients transferred to us from other parts of the state where ICU’s (Intensive Care Units)

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