Monarchs of the American Big City


Posted: Sep 22, 2022 12:01 AM

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WASHINGTON — The enormous outpouring of affection for Queen Elizabeth II has recently demonstrated to the world that monarchy is not dead. Now attention will turn to King Charles III, and we shall see how he will do. As I intimated last week, I think he will do very well. I said his initial speech to his subjects and to the world was “brilliant.” I pointed out that he is a thoughtful man and has a mind full of good ideas preeminent of which is not to push his ideas from the past, which were narrow, but rather to push his idea of the role of a constitutional monarch, which is much broader than the untried ideas of a modern-day environmentalist or even his criticism of modern architecture, which I favor. Yet the king now has a broader portfolio than environmentalism or modern architecture. Asked back in 2018 about his desire to take the lead in environmentalism when he comes to

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