Modern Naturalist: Tony Bynum on wildlife photography as a conservation tool

Tony Bynum operates at the intersection of conservation, wildlife, beauty and truth.

The photographer and conservationist has stamped out a career capturing images of western big game, documented oil and gas development along the Rocky Mountain Front, wilderness values across Montana and a host of projects internationally. But while many find inspiration in beautiful landscapes and wildlife, few have seen them so up close and personal.

Once a high ranking federal employee at the Environmental Protection Agency, Bynum has put passion over paychecks as he pursues a message of conservation with every photo he takes.

From his home in Great Falls, Bynum recently sat down with Thom Bridge and Tom Kuglin to talk about his life and some of his most iconic work.

Volume up! Both female and male Canada lynx make vocalizations during their breeding season to attract a mate. When you consider their prefered habitat of dense cover, it makes sense that these sneaky, leggier-than-a-bobcat relatives would need to cry out to find one another. Swan Valley Connections, the organization that provided this video, is currently in the midst of its 1-month Wild for Wildlife Match Campaign. To learn more about how you can support their work and donate, go to

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