Mitt Romney’s retirement reveals media’s real view of Republicans

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Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney is retiring, and no one is more upset than the very press that savaged him when he ran for president in 2012. 

They attacked his religion, his wife’s multiple sclerosis, and accused him of hating dogs and being a gay basher in high school. It didn’t matter what was true or how bigoted the comments were, all’s fair when the legacy media try to wreck a Republican. 

The man they now consider a vanilla, nice guy was destroyed for having “binders full of women” he wanted in his administration. The press still treats that as a “gaffe,” though the Washington Post admits it was actually more than 15 pounds of resumes of women he wanted to consider hiring.  

What a monster.  

A Newsweek cover described him as: “Mitt Romney: A Candidate With a Serious Wimp Problem.” New York Times columnist Charles Blow mocked Romney for wearing “magic underwear,” an anti-Mormon comment Blow ended up apologizing for. Sadly, he wasn’t the only bigot in the press that campaign. 

In other words, they did anything they could to destroy Romney for daring to run against their anointed one – President Barack Obama.

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