Missoulian week in review: Local news recap for Oct. 21-27

Tourist homes make up just 1% of Missoula’s housing stock, but the Missoula City Council is nonetheless considering ways to potentially restrict their usage in residential areas. The idea, championed by Ward 3 Councilor Daniel Carlino, is to put more housing options on the market for locals to live in.

“Essentially,” Carlino said in a meeting last week, “you can build a vacation rental in more places in town than you can build almost any type of building since it’s allowed in residential, commercial, mixed-use areas. And we’re also seeing a housing shortage of supply. And I believe we need to make sure that when we’re building new homes for Missoulians, that when we’re building new homes in Missoula, that we’re actually building homes than can house Missoulians.”

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Carlino’s effort follows on the heels of a recent decision in Bozeman to restrict tourist homes. In Bozeman, however, those units make up about 3% of the housing stock. There is no consensus, however, on the healthy proportion of tourist homes to owner-occupied homes and locally tenanted rentals.

— Bret Serbin, bret.serbin@missoulian.com

A Thursday morning wreck on I-90 killed one Superior man and injured a

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