Missoula Woman Threatened to Kill Her Ex-Boyfriend With a Shovel

At around 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Missoula Police Department officers were called to a report of a disturbance in the 1300 block of East Broadway. The 911 caller, later identified as the victim, indicated that his ex-girlfriend was threatening to hit him with a shovel.

According to court documents, dispatch could hear the female yelling in the background of the call that she was “an international spy” who had “family in [the] underground”. The female was also yelling that the victim was a killer and had murdered her family, and that she was going to murder him and his family. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains.

“Officers responded to the report of a female, 34-year-old Tabitha Moore, threatening her ex with a shovel,” Arnold said. “Officers arrived on scene and could observe through an open door the victim in a defensive position and Moore holding a shovel. Officers also noticed children present in the same room observing this domestic disturbance.”

The victim’s teenage son and adult nephew were also in the room. Moore was on the other side of the kitchen holding a shovel. Moore appeared aggressive and did not initially comply with officer requests to drop the shovel.

“Moore was uncooperative with

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