Missoula Substance Abuse Connect gets $248,000 Federal Grant

A collation called Missoula Substance Abuse Connect received a $248,000 federal grant on Friday to help the community fight violent, drug-related crime and to reduce substance abuse.

U.S. Attorney for Montana, Kurt Alme provided details of the grant to KGVO News on Friday.

“Project Safe Neighborhoods Missoula has been focusing hard on reducing meth supply because of its connection to the increase in violent crime there and across the state and now, Missoula community has received almost a $250,000 grant from the Office of National Drug Control Policy that’s come through the Rocky Mountain HIDTA which is our drug enforcement organization to help our community develop a prevention and treatment plan to reduce demand for methamphetamine.”

Alme praised Missoula’s United Way for taking the lead in the project.

“So we have a wonderful group of community members who come together to work on a joint plan,” he said. “United Way and Susan Hay Patrick have stepped up to be the point on that, and we’re very grateful. We already have partners from the law enforcement community, the treatment community, the prevention community, the medical community all coming together, to work together to come up with a plan that’s specific to

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