Missoula smoke risk moves to local fires as regional haze is pushed south

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While Missoula is still under a plume from far away fires, it’s not particularly oppressive and it’s being pushed south. 

NASA GOES 16 satellite Missoulian Staff

For the next couple of days, Missoula’s primary smoke concern will be wildfires close to home, as an overhead plume of haze from Oregon and California gets pushed south Thursday into Friday.

“We may still pick up some lingering haze from the edges of the plume, but this is a significant break from the oppressively large smoke plumes from fires in Oregon and California,” said Sarah Coefield, Missoula’s air quality specialist, in her Thursday update.

“I, for one, am very excited for this change of pace. Relentless smoke from Oregon and then a blurp of smoke from California made for overly repetitive forecasting.”

While the regional smoke moves south, gusty winds expected Thursday evening could increase local fire activity considerably.

“We are getting a break from ginormous plumes, but stay alert for smoke heading our way from closer fires,” she said.

The largest fire and smoke threat in

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