Missoula renter faces forced month-to-month lease; 'yearslong' waitlist for housing vouchers

David Erickson

Kat Hawkins spent one night in a homeless shelter in her past, and she vows to never do it again.

“I’ll do anything to not become homeless again,” she said.

That’s why Hawkins is so alarmed that her property management company in Missoula has refused to give her a yearlong lease on her current apartment and instead is only offering her a month-to-month lease.

She lives at the Playfair Park Townhomes at 1500 McDonald Avenue in Missoula, which are managed by Caras Property Management.

Hawkins believes that it’s an ominous sign that she could be evicted soon. Her current lease expires on July 1. She’s had a one-year lease for three years in a row while living at the property.

“This leaves us vulnerable to the 30-Day No Cause Evictions being handed out so frequently now all over our state,” Hawkins said. “Because they don’t need a valid reason to evict, they can do so any time they want.”

Hawkins asked her management company what has changed so that she cannot be given a one-year lease.

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