Missoula police officer, firefighter reflect on 9/11 20-year anniversary

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Sgt. Bob Campbell of the Missoula Police Department sits for a portrait.

BEN ALLAN SMITH, Missoulian Zoe Buchli

Missoula Police Sgt. Bob Campbell wasn’t scheduled to work on 9/11.

He recalls being awakened by his wife to the news that a plane had hit the north tower of the World Trade Center and remembers the total confusion about what was happening.

Then the second plane hit.

“At that point, you knew this wasn’t merely an accident, it was an attack. My initial reaction was disbelief,” Campbell said on Friday.

Campbell has served in the Missoula Police Department for about 22 years. At the time of 9/11, he had been working with Missoula law enforcement for two years.

It was soon after the news of the second plane crashing into the south tower that Campbell decided to call the police department and check to see what was going on. Right when he called, Campbell was also contacted by the day shift sergeant, who told him he needed to come in to work.

“As I

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