Missoula Photographer Captures Annual ‘Red Sleighs over Montana’

Retired U.S. Air Force Major Keely Flatow, now sharing her twin avocations of aircraft and photography at the Museum of Mountain Flying, captured several images in late December of those involved in ‘Red Sleighs over Montana’.

Photo courtesy of Keely Flatow

“I was just taking photos for the Museum of Mountain Flying’s second annual Red Sleighs over Montana event and this is the second year that we collected donations, whether it was monetary or toys or clothing for children around Western Montana and also parts of Idaho,” said Major Flatow.

She said the pilots and their families enjoyed giving back by sharing the gifts of toys and clothing by delivering them using their own personal aircraft.

“We have pilots who volunteer their time and their aircraft to dress up as Santa and deliver the toys and donations all over the state and of course to Idaho this year,” she said. “So I went out there to just take some photos of the event. We had, I think around 10 to 12 different aircraft. I think it was three different helicopters, and then some fixed wing aircraft in one jet which was amazing.”

photo courtesy of Keely Flatow

Flatow provided the timeline for Red Sleighs over Montana.


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