Missoula Man Arrested for Sexual Abuse of a Minor after Sting

A 22 year-old Missoula man was charged with felony sexual abuse of a minor in Missoula Justice Court on Friday after he allegedly responded to a fictitious social media profile of a 12 year-old girl.

Deputy County Attorney Carrie Garber explained to Judge Alex Beal why she was requesting $100,000 bail for Justin Ayers.

“The state of Montana is requesting $100,000 bond,” said Garber. “The reason for that, Your Honor, is based upon the very specific facts of this case, and the very profane and explicit sexual activity that the defendant utilized in Instagram messages which have been retained and obtained by the state for purposes of prosecution to have sex with a 12 year old child.”

Garber continued to emphasize the intent of the defendant to meet the young girl.

“The defendant was clearly aware of that,” she said. “The Instagram messages clearly indicate that he asked her which middle school do you go to? All of this is in evidence and the suggestions are just absolutely outrageous, Your Honor.”

Garber also asked that the defendant have absolutely no access to social media, where the contact originated.

“We’re going to ask that the defendant be ordered to not have any contact with any minors, and

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