Missoula Man Allegedly Killed His Neighbor's Cat With a Microwave

On Tuesday, Missoula Police Department officers responded to apartments on East Broadway for a report of a male being loud inside one of the residences. That male was eventually identified as 36-year-old Shane Espinoza. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains.

“Officers had responded to a noise complaint after callers had contacted 911 dispatch regarding Espinoza yelling loudly and causing all sorts of noise through the night in the apartment complex,” Arnold said. “When officers first responded, Espinoza had quieted down. When officers made contact, they did not observe indicators of intoxication or drug use. Espinoza was no longer making the noise and the reporting party did not was to be a victim of disorderly conduct. Officers left, but identified the male as Shane Espinoza.”

When an officer responded again, he knocked on Espinoza’s door and called out his name.

“Espinoza answered the door with a knife clenched in his hand,” Arnold said. “Officers gave commands for Espinoza to drop the knife. Espinoza complied with officers. For the safety of Espinoza and officers, Espinoza was detained in handcuffs. When officers were making contact with Espinoza, officers observed blood spatter, blood on a cat, and a small cat laying motionless on the floor.”

While officers

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