Missoula looks at hiring security for Poverello Center

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There were about 15 tents sitting along Cedar Street across from the Poverello Center in September before the site was removed.

TOM BAUER, Missoulian David Erickson

City officials in Missoula are working with the Poverello Center homeless shelter to provide security and monitoring services.

“This new contract is emerging out of a collaborative effort between the City of Missoula and the Poverello Center to find a sustainable solution to a public health emergency related to urban camping,” said Emily Armstrong, the city’s Reaching Home manager.

For the initial phase of the plan, the city is looking at paying to have the shelter monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a security staff member.

The city is still in contract negotiations at this point, so nothing is final yet. But Armstrong said the security staff person’s role would be to monitor outside the Poverello Center, the adjacent public streets and sidewalks and other private property in the

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