Missoula law firm takes aim at public safety education, reform

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Kimberly Dudik 

Zoe Buchli

A Missoula-based law firm released an hourlong, online course earlier this week that aims to equip the public with knowledge about sex and hate crime laws with a goal to make communities safer.

The course, Safe Community Challenge Basics, takes a new approach to teaching about specific areas of law that impact public safety.

It was developed by Kimberly Dudik & Associates, which specializes in protecting citizens’ rights and advocating for policy reforms.

“This all grows from the work I’ve done in law and public policy,” said Kimberly Dudik, CEO and founding attorney of the firm.

During her years working as an attorney, Dudik said she hasn’t seen enough being done to examine what public safety in Montana looks like for women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Even if someone is not directly impacted by these laws, knowing about them is in the interest of community safety as a whole, Dudik added.

The six areas of sex and hate crime laws covered in the course include child marriage, consent to sexual contact, discrimination and hate

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