Missoula law firm alleges misconduct in Mineral County Attorney's Office

A letter from a Missoula law firm alleges misconduct in the Mineral County Attorney’s Office, saying the office withheld relevant evidence in multiple prosecutions, a claim backed up by at least one judge’s ruling.

The letter, sent by the Reep, Bell and Jasper P.C. law office on Monday, alleges prosecutors in the Mineral County Attorney’s Office mishandled cases by omitting required disclosures during the criminal justice process, prompting defendants to enter guilty pleas when all relevant evidence hadn’t been considered.

“This error by the Mineral County Attorney’s Office impeded its citizens’ rights to make a fully informed decision about whether to proceed to trial,” the letter says. It points to the involvement of three Mineral County Sheriff’s deputies, Shawn Visintin, David Kunzelman and Patrick Nobles, asking that all Mineral County cases involving the deputies be reevaluated.

It also advises that all defendants who previously entered guilty pleas should be allowed to withdraw those pleas, and any case involving the three deputies in question should be promptly dismissed.

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Attorney Lance Jasper explained that withholding the information prevents defendants from properly evaluating and preparing cases.

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