Missoula judge blocks motions to dismiss filed by DeFrance

Zoe Buchli

A federal judge denied three motions to dismiss indictments against Jermain Charlo’s ex-boyfriend stemming from prohibited firearms charges on Wednesday. 

Michael DeFrance, 28, was indicted in July on a prohibited possession of a firearm charge. A few months later, in October, a second indictment was filed alleging DeFrance had lied on three separate occasions during firearms transactions at a local pawn shop about being convicted of domestic violence in 2013. 

Missoula police detective Guy Baker confirmed to the Missoulian that the firearms indictments are in relation to Baker’s investigation into Jermain’s disappearance on June 16, 2018. Court documents say the initial prohibited firearms indictment is from DeFrance possessing firearms and ammunition on June 27 and Oct. 2, 2018. June 27, 2018 is 11 days after Charlo went missing.

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DeFrance appeared in federal court in August after being indicted on July 28 on a prohibited possession of firearms charge. He pleaded not guilty on Aug. 2. He also pleaded not guilty to the second indictment at an arraignment hearing in November. Since the first indictment, DeFrance and his attorney, federal defender Michael Donahoe, have been

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