Missoula Housing Authority: Land, supportive services needed for affordable homes

David Erickson

The Missoula Housing Authority is one of the largest affordable-housing developers in the city as well as one of the largest landlords. In fact, without the organization, 3,500 people in town would have to cough up a combined $8 million more in rent every year.

Much of the Authority’s work, however, is done behind the scenes and not a lot of people know what it does, according to the organization’s board co-chair.

“It’s a really formidable institution and does a lot of great work in our community,” Kaia Peterson told the City Council’s housing committee on Wednesday. “The Housing Authority is an organization that does a lot of work every day and doesn’t always tell everybody about the great work.”

The Missoula Housing Authority is a quasi-governmental organization, meaning they are not a city agency but rather a public nonprofit that was created in 1978 by the city and has a city-appointed board of directors. Its mission is to provide affordable rentals through vouchers and rent-restricted housing, develop new housing, support residents in properties and participate in public policy, planning and collaboration around housing issues.

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