Missoula homicide trial carries on through Tuesday

Zoe Buchli

Defense attorneys for a man accused of homicide in Missoula filed a motion to dismiss the case, contending state prosecutors failed to disclose evidence relevant to their client’s defense.

Charles M. Covey, 44, is charged with deliberate homicide after he was arrested on suspicion of killing 65-year-old Lee Roy Nelson along the north bank of the Clark Fork River in 2020. His trial started last week, and is expected to conclude by Friday.

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Covey is represented by Amanda Gordon, Daylon Martin and Jay Reno. In the motion to dismiss filed on Tuesday, Covey’s attorneys wrote that a poor police investigation is a central theme to the defense’s case. It alleged that the investigation ignored mishandling of evidence connected to other suspects.

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Weapons and evidence seized from the home of a suspect (who was ruled out by the Missoula police investigation) was improperly packaged and tested for DNA, the filing states. The motion argues the exclusion of evidence violates Covey’s due process and requires that the charges be dismissed with

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