Missoula entrepreneur uses Montana-grown oats for plant-based milk business

David Erickson

Teresa Morales tripped over her garbage container one day, spilling out dozens of single-use containers for the plant-based milk she drinks due to her severe dairy allergy.

She realized right then that there had to be a better way.

“I was like ‘wow, what could I do to improve this?,” Morales recalled. “And I started researching it.”

Pretty soon, she was purchasing a boiler and getting a license to operate it, and now Morales owns and operates Cool Earth Creamery in Missoula. She uses Montana and Canada-grown organic, gluten-free oats to produce her own special recipe for oat milk in reusable glass bottles.

Inside a shop in the North Reserve Industrial Park, Morales has installed the boiler and all kinds of high-tech equipment to create the blend. She delivers to stores like the Orange Street Food Farm and the Good Food Store and to restaurants like Green Source Missoula and Basal.

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It was the environmental cost of the oat milk from large corporations that bugged her.

“Sort of what’s available to plant-based consumers is either produced on the West or East coast,” she explained. “It’s likely produced

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