Missoula elected officials, local rabbi denounce planned neo-Nazi rally

David Erickson

Racism has no place in Montana, according to Missoula mayor John Engen, commissioner Josh Slotnick and local rabbi Laurie Franklin. All three released statements condemning plans for a white supremacist neo-Nazi rally that’s apparently planned for Saturday in Missoula.

“The City of Missoula will once again go on record in denouncing bigotry, hate and violence as a fresh crop of protesters and propagandists attempt to drive more wedges in our cracked republic,” Mayor Engen said. “We continue to monitor groups traveling the country and will respond appropriately to all credible threats.”

Engen is asking residents to be wary and report incidents that cause alarm.

“And, because we’ve dealt with these threats before, I’m confident that our teams are prepared to serve, protect and defend the Constitution of our state and nation,” he said.

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Commissioner Slotnick said he recently heard about neo-Nazis planning to come here.

“This could just be an unfounded rumor,” he said. “Regardless, imagining such a thing brings a whole array of passionate negative emotions to a boiling point. We can take heart in knowing these dangerous misguided ideas have no place in Missoula

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