Missoula County Public Schools trustees approve strategic plan for next decade

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Missoula County Public Schools Superintendent Rob Watson.

KURT WILSON, Missoulian Skylar Rispens

Missoula County Public Schools trustees approved the district’s strategic plan at a board meeting Tuesday after fine-tuning the document in a committee over the last two months.

The plan was brought before the board for its approval in a meeting this May, however several trustees felt they weren’t given enough voice with their contributions during the draft process and opted to form an ad hoc committee instead.

While the revisions didn’t change the direction or core values of the original draft, some wording was refined.

“In the end it looks like what happened was some wordsmithing, but I actually do want to say that that’s not really what took place,” said trustee Grace Decker, who served on the committee. “It was important to me that the statements that we put into our strategic plan felt more powerful and gave clearer guidance about what we stand for.”

Vice chairs Ann Wake and Wilena Old Person, as well as trustee Nancy

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