Missoula County launches rural grant program

Missoula County launched a grant program on Monday to support community projects in rural areas.

The Rural Grant Program is geared toward individuals, nonprofits, citizen and community groups, and schools that are working to enhance the quality of life in rural areas, according to a press release.

Micro Grants between $100 and $500, as well as Impact Grants ranging between $500 and $4,000 are available.

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“We’re looking forward to seeing creative ideas for projects that will benefit residents of our outlying communities,” said Josh Slotnick, Missoula County Commission chair. “These places are the backbone of our county, and it’s exciting to think of the grassroots projects these grants will fund.”

The Micro Grants are available on a rolling monthly basis and are intended for smaller projects that can be finished in 90 days. 

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The Impact Grants are open once a year and are intended for larger projects that may take longer than 90 days to complete.

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