Missoula council members seek sales tax option

Current, former and future Missoula City Council members were in Helena on Monday to work on changes to Montana’s tax structure, a key feature of the council election this year.

Gwen Jones, who represents Ward 3, and Ward 4’s council member-elect Amber Sherrill spoke at a subcommittee of the Interim Revenue Committee in favor of opening up a local option sales tax in Montana, which both of them included in their successful campaigns. The council race focused heavily on rising property taxes, and how the city can mitigate the growing burden on local residents.

“I’ve spent the last six months knocking on many, many doors,” Sherrill told the committee. “I think I’ve knocked over 2,000 doors; probably 500 to 600 of those people I’ve actually spoken with. Those were in large homes, small homes, very wealthy areas and lower income areas — my ward is very diverse. Of all those conversations, I’d say only two to three did not include property taxes. So I think that’s a pretty good survey that Missoulians are worried about it.”

The left-leaning council members, in addition to Mayor John Engen, have said they see a local option sales

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